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EMTAŞ panel radiators are manufactured in 5 different types ( 10-P, 11-PK, 21-PKP, 22-PKKP, 33 DKEK ) and 6 different height classes ( 300-400-500-550-600-900 mm), 27 different lenghts between 400 and 3000 mm. Because of optimum pitch wide as 33 mm that provide higher pressure rezistance and lower water capacity, our panels provide saving of operating cost and and productivity in warming . Due to their patented fittings, they have montage possibility in place of casting and sliced steel radiators. With the garnitured types, they are suitable for the ground fed installations. If desired, they can be montaged to the ground by the aid of special accesories. During transportation and montage they are resistant to external shocks due to their special/proper package. High performance, suitable prices and fast delivery are the most privileged characteristics of our panel radiators.

Ventil/Valve-garnitured Panel Radiators

EMTAŞ panel radiator types that equipped with valves and stopper are suitable for the ground fed, thermostatic valve controlled installations. On the order forms it must be written the directions of hot-cold water mouths (right-left), whether or not stopper or valve equipped. By the aid of 4 entered and exited special garnitured character, it is possible to make conventional montage also. In valve garnitured types, in delivery the valve is montaged inside of radiator and equipped with plastic stoppper. Before the installation of radiators, setting button of the thermostatic valve is supplied from local market and montage in the place of plastic stopper. By this application, automatic temperature control can be obtained in the radiators.

Perfect Packaging - Easy Montage

EMTAŞ panel radiators are packaged with gas bubbled nylon covers. The corners of radiators are covered and conserved with cardboard and plastic material. The holder tins are saved by thick plastic material. Later, radiators are covered by shrink nylon to save from humudity and dust. The panel radiators can be montaged as packaged, Therefore, during transportation and montage, the harms of plaster, paint and other constructing trash are minimised, even prevented. The needed equipments for wall-mantage are supplied by EMTAŞ in the delivery package.

These data were given by TS 4310 and can vary by 5%. EMTAŞ panel radiators are manufactured in full automatic welding line by using computer controlled latest technology. And the production is is under control of 100% by proper testing. Our average annual panel radiator production capacity is 1.500.000 metric tul. The outer faces of panel radiators are cleaned with phosphatization, grease removal and passivative covering in accordance with DIN 55900. Later, the panels are undercoated with water based dip-painting system and then baked. So all the air contacted surfaces of the panels are undercoated. In the latest stage, by the aid of automatic robot system, the panels are painted with Epoxy polyesther electrostatic powder paint method, than baked again. After the above mentioned applications, the panel radiators gain resistance to all weather conditions and corrosion. Standard color of radiators is white RAL 9016. The panel raidiators bring a reneval for living places via their elegant and aesthetic appearance, and with anti-dust plain surfaces. The radiators can be cleaned easly due to upper gratings and side doors. The EMTAŞ Company has the rights to make changes in the panel radiators because of new technological developments and market conditions without informing the customers.



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